Kubby Decides Not to Press for Pot in Jail

February 02, 2006

, KXTV - ABC Sacramento

Medical marijuana crusader and former gubernatorial candidate Steve Kubby is not pressing his request to use marijuana for medicinal reasons in jail. At a hearing to consider his request, his attorneys took the request to have marijuana put in his food off the table for now. Kubby claims the marijuana relieves symptoms of a rare type of cancer and claims he will suffer and die without it in jail. Now he says he is taking the drug Marinol and says that is working satisfactorily.

Kubby was arrested for possession of the hallucinogen mescaline and psychedelic mushroom. He was sentenced in 2001 but fled to Canada where he sought refugee status, claiming he was persecuted for his advocacy of medical marijuana use. A Canadian court ordered him returned to the U.S. last month.

Prosecutors and Kubby's attorneys are reportedly trying to work out a plea agreement that will allow Kubby to serve his sentence at home.

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