Nurse urges board to set fee for medical marijuana identification card

February 27, 2006

Shayla Ashmore, Lassen News (CA)

Jill Miller, of the Lassen County Health Department, urged the board to set up the fees for medical marijuana ID cards established in 1996 by Proposition 215, the Compassionate Use Act. Every supervisor expressed doubts about the program at the board's Tuesday, Dec. 13 meeting. Taking no action, the supervisors agreed to wait and see how other counties handle the legal requirement that each county approve the program and set up an application process.

“The impression was that the board of supervisors needed to approve the medical marijuana state ID program,” Miller told the board at its Tuesday, Feb. 21 meeting. “Basically, the board according to the county policies, just needed to OK the fee that we were charging.”

Senate Bill 420 specifies a patient who has documentation from a physician verifying the client suffers from a serious medical condition and the use of medical marijuana is appropriate must also pay a $65 fee. The county must verify the address of the person applying for a card by checking proof of residency and a government-issued photo ID.

The state issues the card after the county health department screens the application and reviews it for completeness. If anything is missing the state automatically denies the application.

Once the application is entered into a computer the state will issue a card within five days. The county will notify the user when the card is available for pickup.

Miller said the board must approve any new fee or change to an existing fee.

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