Cedar Fire Victim Protests Ban On Medical Pot

January 08, 2006

, NBC San Diego

A victim of the Cedar Fire is protesting a decision made by the County Board of Supervisors to ban his use of medical marijuana.

Rudy Reyes said he used medical marijuana to treat pain from extremely dry skin. Since he has been forced to stop using the drug, Reyes said his condition has deteriorated.


"I'm starting to rip and tear at the seams of my body," Reyes said. "I'm slowly starting to see the counter effects. I feel like I'm being persecuted for my lifestyle. As a patient, that doesn't need to happen."


The San Diego County Sheriff's Department raided Reyes' home and confiscated products including pills and lotion, NBC 7/39 reported. The San Diego Board of Supervisors is suing the state, hoping for clarification on a law that voter's passed in support of the use of medical marijuana.


”It is a legal issue," said County Supervisor Bill Horn. "You have a state law that's been passed that's in violation of a Supreme Court case that marijuana is illegal. Therefore, federally, marijuana use is still against the law."


Medical marijuana supporters said the lawsuit is a waste of taxpayer's money. The group, Americans for Safe Access, said a new poll released Monday shows that 78 percent of San Diegans support the right to use medical marijuana.


"The Board of Supervisors are playing into the hands of the federal government by questioning what the voters of California want," said Steph Sherer, of the Americans For Safe Access.


Horn said marijuana use is illegal in San Diego until a final decision is made.

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