County Sues State Over Medical-Marijuana ID Law

November 08, 2005

, NBC San Diego - TV

SAN DIEGO -- The San Diego County Board of Supervisors isn't waiting for someone to sue over the board's decision to refuse to follow state medical marijuana laws.



The supervisors voted in closed session Tuesday to file suit first. The lawsuit will challenge the law that requires counties to provide identification cards to medical marijuana users exempting them from criminal prosecution.


The dispute is over Proposition 215, passed by the voters in 1996, and a follow-up measure by the state Senate in 2003. The laws permit users of medical marijuana to show identification cards that would keep them from being prosecuted under state laws.


Last week, San Diego became the first county to refuse to act on the state's requirement that counties establish an ID card program and maintain a registry of those who voluntarily apply for the cards.

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