Palm Desert council votes to keep medical marijuana sales legal, for now

October 27, 2005


The sale of medical marijuana will continue in Palm Desert, at least for now.

The Palm Desert City Council voted last night to allow a clinic here to stay operational. The clinic in Palm Desert, on El Paseo, is one of two locations  selling medicinal marijuana in Riverside County.

Some local leaders wanted to ban the distribution of marijuana within city limits. But the council voted unanimously to study the issue further while allowing sales to continue.

 “We have a lot to lose,” said clinic owner Stacy Hochanedel.

California is one of ten states to legalize medical marijuana, but the federal government says it's still illegal. In June, the US Supreme Court ruled the federal government can continue arresting people who use medical marijuana under state laws.

In California, 40 percent of medical marijuana users say they use the drug to treat chronic pain.

22 percent of them use it for AIDS-related health problems.

And 15 percent smoke marijuana to treat mood disorders.

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