Candidates back use of medicinal marijuana

October 11, 2005

Jonathan Tamari, Asbury Park Press (NJ)

Advocates for medical marijuana use will have an ally in the governor's office next year, regardless of whether Democrat U.S. Sen. Jon S. Corzine or Republican Doug Forrester wins November's election.

Both candidates said Tuesday night that if elected, they would allow for the medicinal use of marijuana — if it is prescribed by a doctor.

"Under the proper circumstances, I think we need to provide all medical resources, and that includes what is emerging now with regard to this particular application," Forrester said. "I'm very much open to that."

Corzine said, "If a doctor prescribes it, we need to do what is in the best interests of the patient."

Both candidates spoke in response to a listener's question during a forum on New Jersey 101.5 FM radio and other Millennium-owned New Jersey stations Tuesday night. They appeared together on the radio station hours after answering questions from Gannett New Jersey editors.

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