Mountain View Considers Medical Pot Clubs

October 11, 2005

, ABC News

Mountain View could soon become the first city in Santa Clara County with medical marijuana clubs.

City council members voted 4-2 late Tuesday night to study how dispensaries operate in Santa Cruz and San Francisco. The council is also looking at the idea of dispensing medical marijuana through pharmacies.


Mountain View currently has no policy on the distribution of medicinal marijuana, so the council has a lot to consider.

Mountain View's mayor sees the issue as an important opportunity for his city.

Mayor Matt Neely, Mountain View: "We don't really shy away from dealing with big questions and people want us to. That's all I've been hearing from people on the street; 'Hey, good for you, talk about this issue.'"

Mayor Matt Neely says the legal and logistical issues will be challenging. In 1996, California voters passed a state law authorizing patients to use medicinal marijuana to treat certain diseases, including cancer, AIDS, glaucoma, arthritis, and migraines.

But marijuana for any use is still illegal under federal law.

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