Jury to decide Las Vegas medical marijuana case

August 25, 2005

Associated Press, KRNV (Reno)

It will be up to a Las Vegas jury to decide whether a 34-year-old licensed medical marijuana user was acting within his rights when he grew and sold the drug to about 50 other licensed users.

Authorities say Pierre Werner is a drug dealer. A judge this week set a February trial date.

Werner operates Primary Caregivers and Consultants, a company he says helps severely ill people fill out paperwork, find a doctor and grow the marijuana they need.

Werner is charged with one count of possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell.

Authorities say they found more than three dozen marijuana plants at his home.

Under Nevada law, a person licensed to use medicinal marijuana is allowed to possess, deliver or produce only one ounce of usable marijuana and seven total marijuana plants.

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