Supporters Rally For Medical Marijuana

June 06, 2002

The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR),

About 30 people rallied in front of the federal courthouse in downtown Eugene on Thursday to protest the federal government's interference in state medical marijuana laws. Protesters want federal authorities to 'respect the legal rights of medical marijuana patients,' said Jonathan Gutstadt of Eugene, the 23-year-old leader of the Hemp Education Network. Similar rallies were planned in as many as 60 other cities Thursday. Drug enforcement agents have raided a number of medical marijuana dispensaries in California in recent months. Oregon has seen no such crackdown so far, mainly because no advocacy groups here are exchanging medical marijuana for money, said Todd Dalotto, founder of the Compassion Center, a Eugene group that helps medical marijuana patients learn how to grow their own crops. Nine states, including Oregon, have approved medical marijuana laws. (c) 2002 The Register-Guard

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