Demonstrators Protest Against DEA Raids on Medical Pot Clubs

June 05, 2002

George Harris of KCBS,

(KCBS) - Medical marijuana advocates demonstrated today against recent Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) raids on Cannabis Clubs. KCBS reporter George Harris in San Francisco says several dozen protesters gathered at the federal building to deliver their own cease and desist order to the DEA.

One man with AIDS said he grows four pot plants and needs cannabis to stay alive.

"I have wasting syndrome. I keep my weight on," he said. "Without it, I would waste away to nothing. I wouldn't be able to take my anti-virals. "

Another man said, "I have had full blown AIDS since 1984. I have Hepatitis C. I'm under lots of medication that makes me very sick all the time. Marijuana has kept me alive for ten extra years."

"We’d like to tell the DEA to stop messing with our medicine," one man said.

Daniel Wood is also fighting AIDS. He said prosecuting medical pot users, "is an injustice. I think that's where the terrorism is."

One woman said, "every time a DEA agent makes an unauthorized entry into a medical marijuana facility, they can expect a grass roots uprising across the nation."

Similar protests were staged in 54 other US cities, including Oakland, San Jose, and Santa Rosa.

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