Wisconsin Lawmaker Working On a Medical Marijuana Bill

June 06, 2005

Phil Brinkman, Wisconsin State Journal

In Wisconsin, state Rep.  Gregg Underheim, R-Oshkosh, said he plans to reintroduce legislation soon allowing limited use of medical marijuana.  Under the bill, the drug would have to be prescribed by a doctor. The patient would then obtain a card from his or her local public health department certifying need, which could be presented to police showing the person has a right to possess small amounts of marijuana.

Significantly, the bill is silent on how a person might obtain the drug.  Last session, Underheim proposed 'growing clubs' that could provide marijuana to patients, but 'I'm not sure the public is ready to sanction people growing this drug in their home and then distributing it,' Underheim said.

'I'm going to throw it out there and see what reaction I get,' Underheim said of the bill, which he said was inspired by conversations he had with cancer survivors while he was undergoing treatment for prostate cancer. 

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