City officials considering temporary ban on medical marijuana

May 16, 2005

Associated Press, Napa News

SAUSALITO -- City officials are considering a temporary ban on medical marijuana outlets. The Sausalito City Council was to consider a 45-day moratorium Tuesday on approval of medical marijuana clubs so the city can study whether regulations should be developed to oversee the clubs.

The move comes after a bid to set up a medical marijuana dispensary in Sausalito.

Sausalito Community Development Director Paul Kermoyan said the city has received several inquiries regarding medical marijuana outlets and recently received an application for one that would be called Sausalito Compassionate Care.

'We realized our municipal code does not speak specifically to these uses,' Kermoyan said. 'We do not currently have zoning standards that discuss this relatively new issue.

The 45-day period would allow the city to research standards that could help govern these facilities, said Kermoyan.

City staff would use the time to explore what other cities have done and review laws.

'At that point either we will recommend an ordinance or recommend extending the moratorium,' said Kermoyan.

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