Medical marijuana case dropped

September 23, 2005

, Burbank Leader

A charge of violating a state law on possession of medical marijuana was dropped Thursday against an advocate who helped get the law passed.

The Burbank City Attorney's office dismissed a citation against Valerie Corral for allegedly not having proper identification that allowed her to carry marijuana under the state's Compassionate Use Act. Corral, of Santa Cruz, was cited July 27 when she was found with 5 grams of marijuana at Bob Hope Airport.

A conviction on the citation carried a penalty of a $100 fine, the state's lowest misdemeanor, Alvarez said.

Corral uses medical marijuana for seizures caused by a head injury she suffered from a 1972 car accident.

Corral helped draft the Compassionate Use Act, passed in 1998; founded a hospice care center for Santa Cruz patients who use medical marijuana to alleviate symptoms associated with various terminal diseases and conditions; and continues to lobby in Sacramento.

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