Medical Marijuana Advocates Want Regulation

January 11, 2011

, Fox 5 Las Vegas

Medical marijuana advocates gathered in downtown Las Vegas and around the country Wednesday to protest federal enforcement of state medical marijuana laws.

Americans for Safe Access spokesman David Schwartz said protesters are seeking regulation of medical marijuana laws, while still providing patients access to the medication.

"We're not talking about recreational use here," Schwartz said. "We're talking about cancer patients (who) are terminal. The state is requiring them to grow their own."

In response to recent raids, Schwartz said there is no need for federal drug enforcement agents to enforce local and state medical marijuana laws. Patient Jennifer Solas was among those who protested federal arrests of medical marijuana distributors.

"They should just let this go," she said. "Stop seizing people's property and stop arresting people.

"But some opponents of using marijuana for medical reasons said they support the federal government's involvement.

"I think it would get in the wrong hands, especially if not supervised by law enforcement," Willie Mceade said. "You got to look out for our community; I believe the government should take part in it and make those decisions."

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