Medical Marijuana Law Challenged

April 25, 2005

, KFSN - TV30

State law allows the distribution and use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

But, plans to put a medical marijuana dispensary in Fresno's Tower District was shot down by the city council last year.

Now, the man who wants to distribute pot is suing the city. He claims Fresno has restrictions so tough that it amounts to a ban.

"You know, it's the fifth or sixth largest city in California and they won't recognize state law," says medical marijuana supporter William McPike.

"The city's municipal code on this is not a ban on medical marijuana, it simply limits how many patients a care provider can distribute marijuana to. No more than two patients," says Fresno city spokesman Ken Shockley.

McPike says by limiting dispensaries to just two customers, and requiring them to operate as a business in an industrial zone, the city is keeping them out of business.

Clovis has passed a similar ordinance and Visalia and Tulare are considering rules as well.

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