Law up for review that would regulate medical marijuana distribution in Santa Rosa

September 20, 2005

Associated Press, Napa News

A proposed marijuana ordinance would license medical marijuana dispensaries and control how they operate. The law is scheduled for review by the Santa Rosa City Council Tuesday. It would restrict how close the dispensaries could be to schools and how many people they would serve.

The law would also put in place an application process that charges fees and requires employees to undergo criminal-background checks.

Santa Rosa would be limited to two medical marijuana clubs serving no more than 500 people each, under the ordinance.

Marijuana advocates estimate there are at least 3,000 medical pot users in the city.

"It's been proven to be a substance that helps sick people," said Mayor Jane Bender, who helped draft the ordinance. "I hate to see someone have to resort to becoming a criminal to get it."

Santa Rosa began drafting its ordinance earlier this year when it discovered it had three medical pot dispensaries -- including one right across the street from City Hall.

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