Man Gets Apology From Police As They Return His Marijuana

March 08, 2005

, IBS Network

DENVER -- A man who was stopped by Denver police and had his marijuana confiscated received an apology recently because that man was allowed to smoke the pot for medicinal purposes.

Thomas Lawrence is among the first to take advantage of Colorado's law that allows marijuana to be used like a prescription drug.

Lawrence, who has chronic back pain and rheumatoid arthritis, got his marijuana back along with an apology from police.

'It's more of a victory for the people who actually voted for it, and the rest of the patients to know that the law actually worked. They don't have to be as concerned about what's going to happen if a cop pulls them over. Tell them you're a patient, show them your ID, show them your permit,' said Lawrence.

His case was a first for Denver officers.

'This is the first time that drugs have been released to anyone' by the Denver Police Department, Detective Teresa Garcia said last week.

Because marijuana possession is illegal, except in this case, officers suggest medical marijuana users keep their permit with them at all times.

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