Modesto City Council Passes 45-Day Ban on Pot Stores

March 08, 2005

, KXTV - Sacramento

The Modesto City Council Tuesday night approved a 45-day moratorium on new medical marijuana stores in order to allow further study of the issue.

Council members voted 6-0 in favor of the temporary ban, which will not affect a marijuana store that is already open on McHenry Avenue.

During Tuesday night's hearing council members did not challenge Proposition 215, a 1996 measure that gave patients the right to obtain marijuana with a doctor's prescription. However, they did want to look at where such stores should be located and the potential for any crimes that might spring up around them.

The council heard from the police chief of Rocklin, who said that city was concerned about the possible illegal sale of marijuana near the legal medicinal marijuana stores. Rocklin banned the stores last year.

City staffers will now study the issue and return with recommendations about where such stores should be located and how they should be regulated.

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