Medical Marijuana Bill In Legislature

February 16, 2005

, KXAN 36 - Austin

The fight over medical marijuana made it to the steps of the Texas Capitol on Thursday.

The activists believe marijuana is good medicine.

One man at the rally, a quadraplegic, told KXAN he needs medical marijuana to stop his muscle spasms and pain.

He says other legal drugs made it hard for him to speak and function.

Chris Cain says his marijuana use has made him a target.

"I live in a small town and when it got around that I was using it as a medicine, my house was raided by the task force. Seven police cars and two helicopters came to take a few joints away from me," Chris Cain from Beaumont said.

A bilL Texas lawmakers will consider would not legalize medical marijuana.

However, it would allow people who use marijuana to treat serious medical conditions to present a defense based on that in court.

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