Cannabis Cooking Circle Will Continue

January 27, 2005

David Knox, Hexham Courant (UK)

A cannabis cooking circle in Tynedale is still serving up marijuana meals despite its founder facing jail. Defiant Humshaugh granny Patricia Tabram faces a possible prison sentence after admitting to possession of drugs with intent to supply at Newcastle Crown Court.

But she remains loyal to her beliefs – that cannabis eases her suffering.

And she continues to share a table with a small group of close friends who also swear by the wonder of weed.

The 66-year-old, of East Lea, told the Courant: “I am not allowed to keep cannabis in the house or get involved in buying it so someone else is doing it now.

“Another member of the group has taken on the task of buying it.

“As well as myself, the group consists of three women who suffer from multiple sclerosis and a man who has terrible arthritis.

“We all feel the benefits of eating cannabis.”

The grass-garnishing granny, who suffers from depression, backache and a painful ear condition called tinnitus, appeared at Newcastle Crown Court on Monday after admitting the charge at an earlier hearing.

Sentencing was adjourned until March for reports.

The court was told how police swooped on Tabram’s semi-detached bungalow last June – a month after seizing 30 10-inch plants from her attic.

And they discovered 242 grams of skunk – a strong variety of cannabis buds – worth £850.

Mrs Tabram refuses to reveal the identity of her four friends who were to share her considerable stash.

And she states she only bought in bulk to save money.

She said: “I was travelling into Newcastle every time I wanted to buy cannabis – so I thought it would be cheaper to grow my own.

“Once the police had taken my plants away, I had to find another way to get cannabis. I contacted the Cannabis Alliance to see if they could help me find a reliable supplier. Within days – received a phone call, and I arranged to meet a man in Hexham.

“We agreed a price for the buds and my friends put in £150 each.

“I bought the cannabis in my car at the Wentworth car park – but the following day the police came.”

Patricia Tabram first encountered cannabis last February after a friend gave her a hand-rolled cigarette.

She had been suffering from panic attacks and depression at the time. And had even considered suicide.

But she claims smoking the drug made her feel better – although it also gave her a sore throat.

Within weeks the former restaurant owner had mastered several recipes containing the plant.

Word soon spread of her tasty dishes with their medicinal qualities.

She added: “I received a call one day from an elderly lady asking about my cooking.

“I took her round a chicken and leek pie and a cheesecake. Both contained cannabis.

“That is how our little group started. I can’t cook in my own home any more, but I’m using my friends’ kitchens.

“Since I went on cannabis, I have been pain-free, pill-free and my hearing aid is redundant. I have also gone from smoking 20 cigarettes a day down to six a week.”

The widow is 20 chapters into her biographical book, with a working title of Grandma Eats Cannabis.

She will sentenced at Newcastle Crown Court on March 11.

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