Arkansas Medical Marijuana Proposal Short On Support

July 27, 2004

Associated Press, KHBS - TV

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- Backers of a proposed initiative to legalize marijuana use for medical reasons in Arkansas are more than 30,000 signatures short of placing the issue on the ballot.

The secretary of state's office said Wednesday that the Arkansas Alliance for Medical Marijuana and related organizations have 30 days to make up the shortfall. The petition included 29,947 signatures that were certified, but 64,456 were needed to get on the Nov. 2 ballot. The group turned in 66,282 signatures.

Backers said the measure would allow Arkansans with debilitating medical conditions to use marijuana under a physician's advice.

Denele Campbell, of the Arkansas Alliance for Medical Marijuana, said the group expects about 10,000 more signatures to be accepted after a problem is resolved with the identity of a notary who witnessed them. She said the group will try to make up the deficit.

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