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Jun 252015

Marijuana Research Gets A Break Through From The Obama Administration - Americans for Safe Access

By Jaime Williams MMJ Observer 

When President Barack Obama was getting into office back in 2008, he owed up to a promise that his administration would give the war on drugs a different approach. The promise has since been fulfilled with the lifting of the enduring restriction on medical marijuana research. The move has been hailed by a majority of marijuana reform advocates citing that this is victorias enough.

Jun 242015

Bill To Allow Organ Transplants for Medical Marijuana Users Advances - Americans for Safe Access

California Healthline 

On Monday, the California Senate voted 33-1 to pass a bill (AB 258) that would prevent individuals from being denied an organ transplant because they use medical marijuana, the AP/Sacramento Bee reports (AP/Sacramento Bee, 6/22).

Jun 222015

Marijuana Research Just Got a Green Light From the Obama White House - Americans for Safe Access

 The White House today lifted a longstanding restriction on medical marijuana research, giving a green light to a growing group of mainstream scientists who are interested in investigating the potential health benefits of pot. Such research will no longer have to undergo review by the Public Health Service, a process ostensibly meant to ensure the use of scientifically valid clinical trials, but in practice has served as a barrier to launching studies. A bipartisan group of lawmakers, and even opponents of legalization, had called for the requirement to be lifted.

Jun 222015

Sativex Cancer Drug Trial Poses Barrier to CBD in Supplements - Americans for Safe Access

By Josh Long Natural Products Insider

In reliance on a drug trial that was announced eight years ago, FDA has determined CBD cannot be marketed as a dietary supplement.

FDA could change its mind, but only if it is provided evidence that CBD was marketed as a supplement or conventional food before GW Pharmaceuticals plc announced that a clinical trial had been initiated in the United States to study Sativex, a drug that was used to treat pain in patients who suffered from advanced cancer. The drug is composed mostly of two cannabinoids: CBD and THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

Jun 212015


By Gloria Tatum Atlanta Progressive News

(APN) ATLANTA — The Georgia Commission on Medical Cannabis–created by the General Assembly as part of a compromise with Gov. Nathan Deal, to explore in-state medical cannabis cultivation–met at the State Capitol on Tuesday, June 16, 2015 to discuss guidelines to access medical cannabis in Georgia.

Jun 152015

Feinstein very slow to ease opposition to medical marijuana - Americans for Safe Access

By Bob Egelko San Francisco Chronicle

Dianne Feinstein, long one of the Senate’s foremost drug warriors, has shown signs recently of mellowing on the issue of medical marijuana. She’s voted to allow its use by military veterans, pressed for more federal research into the drug and expressed sympathy for marijuana patients.

Jun 132015

Marijuana advocates optimistic about treatment, voters - Americans for Safe Access

By Mark Walker Argus Leader

Six-hundred fifty miles.

That's the length Melissa Mentele has gone in search of relief.

Mentele has lived with chronic pain since a 2012 workplace injury. She was moving a nursing home resident who suddenly resisted, permanently damaging Mentele's arm and shoulder in the process.

Jun 132015


By Tim Strombel Cashinbis

Last Wednesday the House of Representatives renewed an amendment that blocks federal prosecution of Cannabis operations; provided they are in compliance with state law. This week the Senate has also jumped on the bandwagon, passing the similarly worded Mikulski Medical Cannabis Amendment by a vote of 20-10. This vote marks the first time the Senate has weighed in on medical Cannabis programs at the state level. These amendments, passed within a week of each other, combine to send a very reassuring message to the medical community. Government officials are seeing the positive impact being made by the industry, both financially and medically.

Jun 122015

Senate committee votes to call off war on medical marijuana - Americans for Safe Access

By David Downs San Francisco Gate/Smell the Truth

The U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee Thursday approved a measure to effectively call off the federal war on medical cannabis, by defunding Department of Justice efforts to harass patients, caregivers, and businesses that are complying with state medical marijuana laws.

Jun 122015

Protect Pot Doctors, AMA Tells Congress - Americans for Safe Access

By Steven Nelson US News and World Report 

The American Medical Association is hardly a pioneering advocate of more liberal marijuana laws, but this week the largest organization representing U.S. doctors asked Congress to grant immunity to physicians who participate in state medical marijuana programs.