Alabama Caregiver, Producer and Provider Info


Under SB174, caregivers are referred to as either the "parent or caretaker" of a patient, who may acquire, possess, and administer CBD oil to a patient. The bill does not clearly define how one becomes established as a legally recognized "caretaker." Parents and caretakers are not protected from arrest, but have an affirmative available if they are arrested for possession of CBD oil. Parents and caretakers may only acquire CBD oil for a patient with a prescription for a debilitating epileptic condition from the University of Alabama Birmingham's (UAB) Department of Neurology.

Producer and Provider:

UAB's Department of Neurology is the sole legal source for production and distribution of CBD oil under SB174. However, due the the statutory requirement for a "prescription" for CBD oil, and the inability of physicians to write prescriptions for Schedule I substances, it seems very unlikely that any production or distribution will take place under current Alabama and federal law.